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... our software modules for efficient processes

Time & Attendance Basic

Time & Attendance Basic

Our time & attendance system manages and supports diligent handling of your most significant resources. Our hardware and software solutions save money by providing transparency, optimizing business processes and making resource allocation more efficient.

The basic module includes the most important features of a high-performing time and attendance management system. Add-on modules enable individual customizations for request applications, authorization workflows, personnel planning, project time and access control to name a few. P&S systems interface seamlessly with payroll systems including the import and export of data with well-known enterprise software systems.

Our time and attendance and access control systems are distinguished by swift implementation and ease of use. Whether the modules are combined or deployed individually – intelligent software modules (staff-/duty roster, workflow, project time, access control) make for a high-performance solution. We are engaged daily with client requirement updates; These lead inevitably to new features and functionality and ultimately the future of time and attendance systems. Primarily for these reasons we can furnish a solution for practically any conditions or circumstances …

Application and Workflow Module

Application and Workflow Module

Our browser-based software for time and attendance management with workflow, access control, personnel planning and multilevel project management fits your requirements with a modular approach. Features:
  • Application (requests) processing per workflow
  • Project time and analysis tools
  • Access control and visitor management
  • Can be run as local or cloud solution (SaaS)
  • Connect to conventional wage/salary system interfaces
  • Reporting
  • Vacation and absence planning
  • Personnel and shift planning
Multifaceted possibilities for delegate control and authorization rules (cascading rights or multiple authorizers with identical processing rights).
Project Time module

Project Time module

Booking and post allocation of project times onto orders and activities. Time recording and administration can easily be carried out, at a Terminal, Scanner, Smartphone or PC/Laptop.
Roster module (Staff planner)

Roster module (Staff planner)

Effective personnel planning with minimal administration effort. The personal planner is a tool for practically all of your planning situations. The entries are calculated online and are visible in all journals. The comprehensive settings interface enables the universal setup in business and also in social sectors such as health institutions, community facilities, schools and recreation. The employee and staff planning is applicable for shifts, status codes (vacation, training, etc.), staffing positions and other objects. Features:
  • Simple and efficient planning per drag and drop
  • Online calculations (sorting) with all entries
  • Direct exporting (Excel and PDF)



...combineable with our modern hardware components

Timekeeping Hardware Terminal

Timekeeping Hardware Terminal

Modern timekeeping hardware terminals with RFID technology or biometrical read functionality, enables comfort tracking of In & Out work time bookings. Interfaces for all common IT-communication channels do exist.
Timekeeping via Phone-Voice-System

Timekeeping via Phone-Voice-System

Timekeeping via phone in conjunction with the P&S-Voice-System allows the usage of existing staff member hardware (telephones) at their desk, in order to track work time bookings. Simple: Call, Enter Code, Done.
Timekeeping via Smartphone

Timekeeping via Smartphone

iPhone, Android- Smartphone or even scanner-enabled mobile timekeeping. Thereby not only “arrive & leave” bookings can be recorded, but also project working times or total process time can be captured.
Timekeeping via Laptop & Computer

Timekeeping via Laptop & Computer

Modern web technology (cloud system networking) makes it possible to directly register working times at your PC – terminal. Record “arrive & leave” bookings and project time stamps directly from your desktop in addition to a wealth of additional functionality on demand.

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